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July 21, 2009


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Thrusters after all these things that hurt my butt.... you are crazy bowser...


Gigi: What time are you going to be there today?... I will be there at 5:30 not sure if doing mile run before, after or in between the WOD lol my legs are sore from yesterday and I have something to do afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike B

Do I get a few seconds off my time for stopping to wipe blood out of my eyes? 6:42 and that bitch Fran broke my nose. Neither of my wives every did that.

Mike B

Hey Fake Tan Princess! Stop complaining about your butt hurting. Isn't that why you come? Oh, and I see you are one of the Morning Moms now. You got some news for us? Get back in during the afternoon where you belong.

steven b

You didnt let that little 95 pound bar slow you down. Actually I didnt know you hit yourself until you jumped off you last pull ups and walked over to the bathroom to get a paper towel.

Heather is a Mom - of her dogie.


I was all about to yell at you for calling me a mom and then I saw your comment about my dog which is right! Best kid ever... You can't crate actual kids when you want some alone time!!!!!!

Damn Mike, you didn't have to drop your weight on your face b/c you were sad that I wasn't there!!! I actually lost control of the bar once too but it went back b/c I don't want another nose job... at least a not a non professional one!!!! :)

Steven B

Forgot to log my time on Fran. 4:46 Rx which was my fastest time so far. Once I break under 4 min I will be happy. for a little while anyway.

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